Easter is here!

Another busy week passed quickly, concluding our work on homes and spring and doing some assessment tasks and observations to see how everyone is doing.

With Easter cards made, soil ‘topped up’ on the shooting potatoes and the Easter story finished it was an action packed week. Roll an Easter Bunny, (a dice game to see who would make the Easter Bunny first by rolling the correct numbers) was won by Samaya, Max and Georgie. The Easter egg hunt was completed in record time with all eggs found this year. Charlotte, Tess, and both Olivia’s were our best ‘hunters’!

In our science lesson we looked at ‘melting’ and what better product
to test than chocolate. This melted chocolate had to be used up and what better to make at this time of year than Easter nests!

The second third of the reception year is completed and a two week break gives the children an opportunity to rest from the daily routines. Please take time to read the Easter newsletter from reception and look at the areas where a little support one to one could make such a big difference. This may include; writing lower case letters with the capital equivalent, practising the diagraphs and words containing them, numeral writing to ensure correct orientation, recognition of rhyming words and the ability to continue a rhyming string. Reading rhyming bedtime stories, generating silly rhymes as you walk along, playing the Easter game they made in maths are just a few fun activities.

When we come back after Easter we will be looking at life cycles, so if you have a pond, look out for frogspawn!

Have an enjoyable holiday and come back free of germs, ready to crack on through the last term of reception learning.