Eye of the Wolf

The Hyena’s Story by William

I used to eat goats, now I protect them. I used to eat the King of Goats’ goats but then there was a shepherd and he could talk to me. He told me I should not eat the Abyssinian doves, and he got me to leave them alone by giving me my own meat. That is a lot easier than hunting for it in the wild!

I promised the shepherd I would protect the doves, and I hadn’t taken an eye off them since. The goats kept on asking me not to stare at them as it made them scared, but I knew that I couldn’t stop otherwise Africa would be angry with me.

One day I smelt meat, so I thought it was Africa giving me my meat. I went over and I ate it but when I turned around I saw that the bush was empty! No Doves! I then saw the poachers running off with the goats and I gave a howl and cheetah came running I told him to chase them and we did.

We were chasing and we caught up we bit their ankles and they screamed a bit. Then one man threw a net behind him and it landed on us! He stopped, poked us, and I bit him. He howled and then picked us up and gave the goat to the other man.

He carried us for a bit then we got thrown into a van. We drove for absolutely ages. We got kicked out and put in a small plane; we were flown to a zoo in another country. Somehow I fell asleep and when I woke up I was in enclosure with sand on the floor and bushes around. They must have drugged me! I looked up and there was the Abyssinian Dove opposite me. I sighed with relief. The next day Africa came I explained the whole story and he was relieved, so he told me his story.