Fitzwilliam Museum

On Wednesday 8th May, Maple class went on their trip to the Fitzwilliam museum in Cambridge. The purpose of the trip was to learn more about the Ancient Egyptians for our current history topic.

After we had put our things in the classroom area, we met our guide and went through the museum to the Egyptian exhibition rooms. There we were greeted by a giant sarcophagus lid belonging to Ramesses III. We discussed all of the evidence that we could see that told us he was a very important man – a Pharoah nonetheless!

In groups, we then went off to explore the three exhibition rooms in more detail. We found many examples of artefacts from the Egyptian period that told us all about their everyday lives and many of their traditions.

After lunch, we had the opportunity to paint a typical Egyptian image onto papyrus – authentic paper from the Egyptian times. We used the colours that would have been available at the time to paint appropriate images. We are hoping to display these at school and bring them home at the end of term.

Finally, before the coach arrived we nipped outside to see the famous sculpture by Henry Moore, as we have studied him recently in Art.

We managed to make our way on to the bus as the heavens opened and were thankfully home and dry by hometime.

We had a great time at the Fitzwilliam museum and would recommend it as a place to visit again with our families, as there is so much to see!