Girl’s Football Rally

On the 29th of September a team of 8 girls went to Wilshere Dacre at 8:40 to play six 10 minute games.

We played Wilshere Dacre and the end score was 1-0 to us and was scored by Tegan and assisted by our striker, Annie

After that we played Our Ladys and scored by Tegan again to make it 1-0 . It was a close game but they came from a break away and scored. So the end result was 1-1.

We had a rest and then went to play St. Ippolyts. It was a pretty boring game until Tegan did a throw-in onto Annie’s head and she scored.

The next game we played was against Whitehill and it was 1-0 to us. We scored from a free kick from a bit closer than the half-way line and scored top corner.

Next, we played Samuel Lucas and it was a very close game. Manasvi did some great saves to stop them from scoring. The game ended up being 0-0.

After we played Samuel Lucas we played Highover it was a tense match but Isabel crossed it into Tegan and she had a shot but it deflected off one of their players and we scored .1-0

Over all we won 4 and drew 2.