Great news from the Recycled fashion club!

On Saturday 1st of March eight year 5s and 6s went to the recycled fashion show at St Christopher’s School. These eight people were: Emily, James, Dean, Sagrika, Bluebell, Archie, Isabelle and Keziah. Everyone did extremely well!

It was very hard work but it all paid off as we got three people into the final round.

Emily did her costume on rainbow a very happy theme. She used bubble wrap for the clouds.

James, who got into the final, themed his as good dreams and bad dreams .Dean did a suit with grenades and weapons on it. Sagrika did a blue dress with clouds on it.

Bluebell did a butterfly as a memory from going to a butterfly centre. Archie did a book as his dream to become an author. Isabelle did a Disney land dress and Keziah did a blue dress because she wants to be an Olympic swimmer when she is older!

There was three different age groups and five different winners, one for the junior competitors, one for the secondary competitors, another for the seniors, one for the best recycled costume and one more for the overall winner.

Emily’s quote:

The competition was a great experience and I really enjoyed it!

By Bluebell

This was my first time at the recycled fashion show and I was surprised I even got into the exhibition. It was a great experience on stage. We got 3 people into the final and 1 of us won, it was Bluebell.

We were at the fashion show for 8 hours! We all had fun but half the time we were just standing around until our performance. We had only one rehearsal. I was number 23, Dean was 21, James was 22, Bluebell was 18, Isabelle was 24, Sagrika 20 and Emily was 19. We all did amazingly well.

The show rehearsal started at 15:30 and the real show started at 19:45. It ended at 22:30. Before the final we went in the main hall and got something to eat. St. Christopher’s school is a private school so it was massive. When it had finished I went straight to bed because my legs were so tired. I was lucky that I was only 23 because there were72 people. In our age group there were 40 and in the senior group there were 32. Most of the costumes looked like they had been done by professionals.

By Archie

` This was my first time going to the recycled fashion show. The recycled fashion show was held at St Christopher School in Letchworth. At St Christopher there was a small stage in the middle of the room. First we had a rehearsal of what was going to happen when the show started. I was number 21 I was the first person to walk out onto the stage it was hard thinking of what I was going to do. When I was at the front of the stage I was a bit nervous when I went on stage but I just carried on. After the rehearsal we had tea, we had to have vegetarian food for our lunch because the people at St Christopher are vegetarians.

By Dean

On Saturday 1st March eight pupils from The William Ransom Primary School went to a recycled fashion show at St. Christopher’s School in Letchworth. Emily, Isabelle, Archie, Sagrika, Bluebell, Dean, James, and Kezia all took part in this wonderful event.

The people that took part all made their own costumes then modelled them on a catwalk at St. Christopher’s School.

“It was very hard making the costumes but the finished product made up for it”, said Bluebell.

The outfits had to be based around the theme dreams and memories and some of the pupils taking part chose to do it about what they wanted to be when they were older e.g. Kezia themed her outfit on being an Olympic swimmer. She made a blue dress and a necklace with a medal attached to it. All the outfits had to be made out of recycled materials like old plastic bags but they still all looked wonderful!

At the competition there were three different age groups; primary pupils and two secondary school groups. The standard was extremely high and every costume looked very professional. Isabelle made an outfit themed on a trip to Disney World with different things from Disney World attached to it. Sagrika made an outfit with a purple background with some clouds on it. Dean made a secret agent outfit with lots of gadgets attached to his outfit. Emily made an outfit with a huge rainbow going across the front. Bluebell made an outfit with big, beautiful wings. James wore an outfit half good and half bad, good being gold and bad being black. Archie made an outfit with a book of memories on it that he made.

You had to do a run through not in your outfit and put on your outfit later for the real competition.

By Emily

This was my first time at Recycle Fashion Club. St Christopher School was where I had to perform. My number was 20, and I came from the left side. I had to write about my dress for the reader to read when I came on the stage. When I came onto the stage I had to do a little turn or something, so the judges would write down some stuff about my dress.

The lady said “Now let’s welcome on 17, 18, 19 and 20.”Me, Keziah, Bluebell, Isabelle, Emily, James, Archie and Dean went to the Catwalk. For other people it was nerve racking but not for me because I have done loads of catwalks before. My dress was called The Dream. The theme for the recycled fashion was dreams and memories, I did not know what to do so I made a dress of dreams. I would do this again because it was great fun.

By Sagrika