Pancakes, firemen and books, what an exciting week.

With two celebrations this week it was bound to be a busy few days.

In preparation for pancake day or ‘Shrove Tuesday.’ The children started the week by reading The Big Pancake, they retold the story as a writing activity and watched Mr. Wolf’s Pancakes’ on You Tube as a reward for some excellent writing. Tuesday saw the children following a recipe and making and of course eating pancakes.

In preparation for our World Book Day visit to the fire station the children read two fiction and one non-fiction book.

What an amazing morning we had at the fire station. The children found it extremely amusing as I was nominated as the adult to be dressed in the fireman’s uniform. The fireman then told us about the jobs that were all part of a fire fighter’s day. He talked about the importance of smoke alarms and then the children were taken in two groups to look at the fire engine. Nobody had expected a ride in the fire engine with sirens and lights blazing as they drove out of the garage and around into the back of the fire station. The adults were all very jealous! The children were shown what the fire engine carries, and how the hoses worked and everyone had two goes at using the smallest hose which they thoroughly enjoyed. Back at school the next day there were thank you letters to be written and pictures to draw.

On Friday we were lucky enough to have Richard Monte, an author, come in to visit us. He works in Waterstones in the town and came to visit Class 2 to talk about his books and share some stories about houses with the reception children.

Our house topic made some progress this week as the children illustrated the story of the three pigs and hopefully next week we can move forward to making our houses out of clay and making a hanging.