Harvest Festival

Dear Parents

We would like to be able to celebrate Harvest Festival again this year but of course, it will have to be slightly different. Normally we ask for fresh produce to be brought in but clearly that is not possible this year so we would like to make a donation to Letchworth Foodbank, serving families in Hitchin.

I have been in contact with Hitchin Food bank and they have told me what items they are in need of: Biscuits

Cereal Bars

Tinned Fish


Dried Milk

Dried Potatoes

If you would like to donate UHT Milk please choose full fat.

They have sufficient stock of:  Pasta, Soup, Beans, Tinned Vegetables and Vegetarian food.

The assembly will be on Thursday 1st October and on that day we are asking children to bring in one item that we can donate to the food bank. There will be a box in each classroom for the food items to be placed and then it will be left for 72+ hours before we deliver it to the food bank. We will have an assembly online that all the classes will be able to access and they will all talk about the true meaning of Harvest.

We are finding that there are so many things we always do in school that cannot happen this year, we thought this was something we could do and help our local community along the way.

I hope you will support us in the venture.

Let’s hope that we collect a good amount of food for a worthy cause.

Yours sincerely

Mary Driver