Home Learning w/c 11.1.2021

Please use Google Classroom to access Home Learning this week. Monday’s English work is here just in case there are any problems on the first day. Hopefully, thereafter this won’t be needed. Remember to contact your teacher if there are any problems, but we may be teaching Keyworker children so you may need to wait a while.

English –

  1. Write today’s date in your Home Learning book and the title: Spelling.
    Watch the Spelling/SPAG Powerpoint – choose the correct one for you; you should all know whether you should be looking at the easier or harder spellings. Follow the instructions and write any notes needed in your book. At the end of the slide show, neatly copy down the spellings that you have to learn for a test on Friday.
  2. For your main task, you are all tackling a reading comprehension. The text gives you some information about Anne Frank, who is famous for her Diary writing. For this comprehension, you are going to choose your own level. You probably already know which level is correct for you.

Use this to help you decide which reading comp to do * ** ***
*** you are an amazing reader. It is very easy for you and you love reading all that you can; you probably read all of the time! You understand everything that you read and you can infer (read between the lines) to work out what is happening in a book or to a character.
**you are a very good reader. You understand most of the books you read but there are times, when you have to read longer sentences a few times to fully understand the text. You can retrieve most information from a text but find it hard to ‘read between the lines’.
*you find understanding longer sentences quite tricky and it’s hard work to find all of the answers in a text. I’m hoping that you still love reading. If you don’t, you just haven’t found the right books yet.

Maths –

Mrs Hall’s Group – just posted here because Mrs Hall is not very confident with Google Classroom yet. Please use Google Classroom. This is just in case of emergency.

Your starter is the Flashback Powerpoint. Write the answers in your book and mark them once completed.

Watch the Oak Academy lesson. There are two videos today (total watch time about 25 minutes). You don’t need to watch them both all the way through, but you can if you want to. The first video on Understanding Angles video is revision and a handy reminder for anyone who needs it. The second video on Recognising Acute and Obtuse Angles will help you tackle the worksheets. Watch as much or as little as you need to. https://classroom.thenational.academy/lessons/understanding-angles-6nhk8t https://classroom.thenational.academy/lessons/recognise-acute-and-obtuse-angles-cgr34d

Your main task is the White Rose Sheet. Extension – I tried hard to find something which would you challenge you further on this but as it’s quite a straightforward lesson today, I couldn’t. Therefore, I found you a game instead which I think you will enjoy. This estimating angles game can be played with a family member or maybe with a friend by Zoom if you have the technical ‘know how’.