Information from Mrs Driver

Baby news!
I am sure you will be delighted to hear that Mrs Wheat is expecting a baby in December. We will be advertising for a teacher to cover her maternity leave and as soon as there is any news I will, of course, let you know. I am sure you will join me in congratulating Mr & Mrs Wheat on this wonderful news.

If your child has an inhaler or any other prescribed medication which is kept in school please ensure it is taken home for the holidays and that it is returned in September with an appropriate shelf life!  Please collect any other medicines from the school office before Friday.

Hot, hot, hot!
Looking at the weather forecast this week, it is certainly heating up! Please ensure your child wears sunscreen when they come to school and they need to bring water bottles. There are plenty of opportunities for them to refill these.

Money owed
If you have any outstanding amounts of money owing to the school, please pay these as soon as possible, by Thursday at the latest. Thank you.

Mary Driver