KS1 physical activity sessions

On Friday 18th October all of Key Stage One took part in two sessions to encourage physical activity and competition.

Indoor athletics involved the children taking part in a range of activities, such as speed bounce, long jump, javelin throw, balance and shot puts. For speed bounce, the children learnt how to jump quickly with two feet. Many kept their balance by using their arms to keep their weight well-adjusted. Throwing skills soon improve with practise from throwing the javelin and shot put. When having a go at long jump, the children had to swing their arms out when jumping to break their personal best record. Overall it was an enjoyable experience for the children and a great opportunity for pupils to develop their indoor athletic skills.

The orienteering was an autumn themed activity and the children had to hunt outside on the school site for things like acorns, beech nuts, cobwebs and Autumn leaves. Lots of running, writing and looking!An excellent introduction to outdoor and adventurous activity.

By Miss Khela