Only ten busy school days until the end of term!

With the start of Advent this week comes the excitement of opening the class calendar, burning the candle and the question ‘Who will get the chocolate today?’

The children are now counting the number of sleeps until Christmas day, the adults in reception are counting the number of practices until the reception Christmas show…Will everyone be ready? Our first dress rehearsal today was the usual mixture of mayhem, laughter and whoops, let’s try that again!

Yes we have managed to do some work this week! Our Christingle lesson was popular as it ended up with sweets! Hopefully the children could remember what each part of the Christingle represented.

An exciting literacy lesson with a delivery of some unnamed Christmas presents led the children into guessing the contents and some inspired shared writing. Matching the ‘lost’ labels to the presents led to some fantastic problem solving and some controversy. The children were convinced that the tin of Cadbury ‘Heroes’ was meant for them rather than the chocolate coins! The teaching assistants did not agree!

In our individual writing this week we all decided that our class literacy targets need to be, ‘To write a sentence with a capital letter at the start, a full stop at the end and finger spaces between the words.’ Reading our work through as we write to make sure it makes sense.

In maths a lesson on symmetry and the children then tried to make a symmetrical Christmas tree to brighten the infant corridor. These are still waiting to be put up!

Now for a few reminders.

Ticket requests for extra grandparent tickets need to be returned on Monday along with any outstanding sport questionnaires. I will send out a letter about the trip to the pantomime next week.

The post box is up in school. I will send home another class list in case your child wants to write some cards for their friends. The name of the child and the class must be put on the envelope before it is posted in the box.

We will be having a Christmas party on the last Tuesday afternoon of term. There will be a signing up list on the table outside the reception classroom from Tuesday for you to sign up for things to bring for the party.

The children will all need to bring a Christmas hat on the last Thursday of term to wear at the Christmas dinner. House points are awarded for hats they have made themselves, however they can wear a paper hat from a cracker or any Christmas hat bought for them.

Have a good weekend and not too many late nights as next week will be very busy and everyone needs to be ‘super fit!