Let’s get ready for our Activity day

We have a Key Stage One Activity day on Friday and it would be very much appreciated if we could have some volunteers to come in and help run the activities. We will have a session in the morning and another one after lunch. If you are available to help with either session please return the slip on the letter the children will be bringing home.

This week in D&T we have been able to finish off our houses ready for our own great fire, which we are all very excited about.

In literacy we have been practising labelling. To do this we made a list of everything we would need in a rocket. Then we designed our own rockets and put in the items, which we labelled carefully with rulers. In phonics we have practised using “ou” and were able to think of lots of words with “ou” in.

We have started learning to count in threes this week by using clapping to help us. We are going to get even better at this by practising at home. The main thing we have been doing in Maths is learning how to use counting on as a method of taking away. We have also been learning how to find an hour earlier and an hour later on a clock. This is very tricky and it would be really good to get some extra practise when we are at home.

In Art we worked in groups to find interesting items around the school. Then we took photos which we will be mounting next week.