LS Lowry visits William Ransom

The artist LS Lowry visited school today and shared his life story and some of his paintings with us all.

The day started with an assembly for the whole school when Lowry gave us lots of information about how he had always wanted to be an artist and how he had made it his life.

We learned that he was a rent collector during the day and he went to Art College in the evenings but nobody really thought he was very good at art. His mother in particular told him he was useless and that he should find a better way to spend his time.

LS Lowry grew up in Manchester and he lived near the industrial part of the city and this was shown in many of his paintings.

After the assembly all of Key Stage 1 had a drawing workshop with Lowry, learning to draw buildings and people.

In the afternoon Lowry worked with Key Stage 1 again and showed them how to paint their pictures using a limited range of colours, trying to create the same sort of paintings he had done. Some of our work will be put on display in school. These photographs show us working hard at our drawings and paintings.