Our Autumn Achievers

We’ve enjoyed celebrating all of our successes in school so far this year, but we particularly enjoy our achievers assemblies every Thursday. It’s a chance for the children to learn which of their peers have stood out to their teachers that week and more importantly to find out how they’ve earned the recognition. Sometimes it’s one particular piece of work that shows how much they’ve improved, sometimes it’s a body of work that represents how consistently hard they have been working. They might be awarded Achiever of the Week for their enthusiasm for a specific subject or it could be that they’ve done well across many lessons. It may be given to children for their written work but has also been received for demonstrating practical, sporting and creative skills too. And of course it could be to do with their learning inside or outside of the classroom. However it’s earned, we love sharing their triumphs with the rest of the school each week and so do they. Here are some of the achievers from the first half of autumn term. Who will see next half term?

Each Thursday is also a chance to share who has earned a leaf for our values tree that week. Every half term we focus on a particular value to remind us of the things that are important and help us be the kind of people we want to be. They can be awarded a leaf for any of our values at any point in the year and they earn them when we see our values in the things they say and do. Sometimes the children give each other leaves and we take photos of them each week. These are some of the children who have earned a leaf so far this year. Will you be adding to our values tree soon?