PE and Sports Premium

PE and Sports Premium 2017-2018

William Ransom has looked at the impact of the 'PE and sports premium' funding and set their goals for the new academic year.

In 2017 – 2018 we received £9140

The majority of this is used to support the funding of a Sports TA

It has also been used to fund staff training, for pupils to take part in different competitions and to pay for staff cover so teachers can take the groups out.

What is the impact been so far?

The PE and sports premium has offered many advantages to pupils at William Ransom over recent years and has undoubtedly been a contributing factor to the sporting success the school has achieved. As well as the sporting success that has been seen, it has also offered greater opportunities for children to participate in competition but also in a non-competitive environment. The funding has been used in the following areas:

– Assessment material aimed at improving quality of teaching and learning and to ensure progress of every child.

– Enrichment of the curriculum with the replacement of worn out equipment.

– Buying quality assured professional development modules, materials and training for staff and pupils.

– Accessing teacher training to improve confidence and expertise in areas identified in our skills audit.

– Buying in a lacrosse coach to support teachers in the delivery of the sport at curriculum and club level and aid professional development.

– Employing Mr Dain Sears, a Sports Teaching Assistant, to support PE lessons. This enabled the school to offer more sports clubs and every age group benefitted.

– Increased numbers of inter class competitions took place at the end of units of work. Once again this would not have been possible without the support in PE lessons by Mr Dain Sears.

The school entered every intra school competition offered by the NHSSP. This is possible with the support of Mr Sears both administratively and through his coaching and assistance, before and during events. With the quality of clubs at such a high standard the children are able to perform well at competitions and so were able to progress through district events and onto county finals in; Tag Rugby, Boys and Girls Cricket, Girls Table Tennis and Lacrosse.

For the academic year 2018 – 2019 the Sports Premium money is expected to increase which will allow greater participation in activities and further training for school staff.

This academic year 2018-2019, the school  wants to maintain the ‘in class’ support for teachers in the delivery of their PE lessons, to continue to provide a wide range of interesting and relevant extracurricular clubs for all age groups and maintain the levels of involvement in competition.

To enable William Ransom to do this the school needs to retain the services of Mr Dain Sears as a Sports Teaching Assistant.  He is familiar with the PE planning of every year group and has embedded himself in its delivery, alongside the class teachers. He has extended his own knowledge of the competitive events that the school enters and is instrumental in helping to coach teams and prepare them to compete.

Mr Sears will continue to support the PE co-ordinators and help to run the Sports Leadership training and ensure that the ‘sports leaders’ manage play time groups effectively. He will continue to help with planning and running of inter school competitions. He will help with the planning and running of the Key Stage 1 autumn term ‘Fun Fit’ and their summer sports festival and supervise the organisation and running of the school sports day.

Mr Sears will run football club with Mr Maranian and support him with the administrative side of this role. He will continue to send out and collate the extracurricular club letters and inform teachers which children in their classes are involved in clubs. He will also run several lunch time clubs throughout the week and support individual pupils with practising identified physical tasks. This will include the introduction of a club aimed at helping with the development or core and grip strength, which has been shown to aid in handwriting and concentration, when sitting at desks.

As part of the school’s commitment to improving participation in physical activity, we will also be continuing with the “Daily Mile.” This has been marked out around the school site and will be aimed helping all pupils to engage with more physical activity. This will not only benefit their health but has shown links to greater academic achievement.

The school intends to buy in external providers for dance and gymnastics where there is a need to upskill teachers and sustain the provision currently offered.

How will the impact be measured?

– By closely monitoring the number of children taking part in extracurricular activity. This will be compared to past years and those that are not choosing to participate will be identified and their needs listened to and addressed.

– By adding some new activities to our provision to give greater diversity and encourage children’s interest in new sports.

– To increase participation, activity levels and competition in PE and school sport so that all pupils develop more positive attitudes towards healthy active lifestyles.

– To engage the wider community in developing positive attitudes towards healthy active lifestyles.

– To further develop school-club links and exit routes for participation and excellence.

– To access as many festivals and competitions to give more children the opportunity to take part (Intra-school, inter-school, School games and County/National finals)


In 2018 93% of pupils in year 6 met the national curriculum requirement to swim competently, cofidently and proficiently over a distance of at least 25 metres, use a range of strkes effectively and perform safe self rescue in different water based situations.