What an amazing day!

I am writing this blog a little earlier tonight as all is quiet in the house, even though it is only 8.00pm!

Everyone, apart from me, is in the lecture theatre with the birds of prey! They are much too close for my comfort so it means I have an hour to catch up on emails! So I thought I would also start writing my blog!

Today has been one of those truly memorable days walking on the mountain. The weather was unbelievable and everyone had a fantastic time!

Many were awake before 7.30 this morning but I expect that will be the last time! They all had a hearty breakfast; you wouldn’t believe it was their first morning! Then it took a little time to get everyone out for the day! Imagine your family of 4 or 5 multiplied by 10! It was a nightmare but we did eventually make it onto the coach with 37 children, 37 red hats, 37 packed lunches and so on!

The coach dropped us at Pen y Pass and from here we climbed the miners tramway up to Llyn Lldaw and then we scrambled up the rocks (!!!) and over to the copper mine. Here we stopped for lunch and we made the decision as it was so hot to not carry on climbing up and went back down to the coach which took us towards Bedd Gelert. Here we walked along the farmland valley and made contrasts with the mountainous route we had been on earlier! It was a long walk and by now one or two youngsters were flagging!

We arrived back at the Plas in time for a shower before dinner and now they are all learning about Birds of Prey.

The weather seems to be set fair so let’s hope we have a repeat of today’s weather in Caernarfon tomorrow!