Proposed Expansion of William Ransom School – Update

Dear Parents

I wrote to you on 23rd February, to let you know to expect a consultation letter from Hertfordshire County Council (HCC), which would invite you to express your views concerning the proposed expansion of this school.  

Thank you if you have already responded.  

If you are planning to respond and have yet to do so, please note that the consultation period finishes on FRIDAY 10th APRIL.  Please go to

The proposed expansion would mean the school would have the capacity to admit 60 reception aged children in September 2016 (rather than 38), and in each subsequent year thereafter, growing to a full two form entry school (with 420 places) by September 2022.  The current capacity of the school is 266. 

During the last six weeks, Mrs Driver and I have met with representatives from HCC on several occasions.  Discussions have progressed on our requirements to ensure the current provision of an outstanding level of education is maintained, if the expansion proposal is approved.  The education provided by William Ransom is of utmost importance to all of us and is at the forefront of all our discussions.   

We have been presented with high level draft plans showing the new classroom block, which would replace the existing mobile classrooms.  The plans also show how the infrastructure could be changed to provide things which in our view are essential, such as increased dining space, sufficient PE facilities and a new IT classroom.  Whilst these draft plans are very encouraging, HCC have yet to cost the whole project and approve the funding required.

The Governing Body met on Monday (30th March) to consider our response on the consultation question of “Do you support the proposed expansion of the school to two form entry?”   The Governing Body is pleased with the progress made to date by HCC in recognising our requirements. In principle therefore we would support an increase to two form entry but there still remains concern that the cost of the total expansion programme which includes changes to our existing school buildings, has not at this stage been approved.  Without these funded changes, the Governing Body would be unable to support the expansion.  We will be making this very clear in our response.

Following the close of the consultation period, the HCC Education Panel will meet on 18th May.  If they agree in principle to progress with the expansion, then a four week statutory notice period will commence from 25th May.  HCC inform us that during this period there will be a chance for parents and local residents to view plans of the proposed changes to the school estate.  We will of course let you know when/if a date to do this is agreed.

In addition to completing HCC’s online form, if you wish to provide any comments/feedback directly to the Governing Body, please e-mail:  

Thank you.
Ian Hankin 
Chair of Governors