Reception write their own Moppy stories.

Jane Asher has only written three Moppy stories which we have read and enjoyed this week. We talked about all of the different emotions and the children chose one to write their own Moppy story about.

One rainy day Moppy was playing with David’s toys. Moppy was feeling sick and he was white. So he went to bed and when he woke up he had turned back to green.

By Joe

One sunny day Moppy started green. Then Moppy changed to purple. He was feeling bored but David was at school. Moppy waited for David, then David came back home. David and Moppy started to play boxing and Moppy changed to yellow because he was happy.

By Elijah

David, his mum and dad and Moppy went camping in the countryside, Moppy was scared and he turned to the colour pink. He went in the tent. Then he thought about his mum and dad and he felt better.

By Sophia

One day Moppy was in the garden. David was in the garden too. But Moppy was feeling ill. He went all white. He was sick on the grass. Then he felt ok and he turned back to green.

By Anouska

One sunny day Moppy was in the garden and it was his birthday. He was ten. Moppy was very excited. David and his mummy and his daddy and Moppy went on holiday for Moppy’s birthday. Then Moppy changed to pink because he was very excited.

By Charlotte

One day David and Moppy went to school but the teacher told Moppy off. Then he changed to red. After school David came back from school but David did not like his present. David and Moppy played together. But Moppy missed his mum and his dad, grandma and granddad and this made him turn blue.

By Federico

Once upon a time there was a little boy called David. He broke Moppy’s telly. Moppy was cross. David began to cry. Moppy turned red and he bought a new telly. David went home. He went to bed.

By Aidan

One sunny day Moppy went to David’s house. Then he gave David a card and he felt shy and turned purple. They went to the park. Then Moppy turned back to green.

By Kushad

One day Moppy tricked David and his friend. Then David found out. Moppy changed to black. He was sorry and his mum gave David a hug. Then he turned green again.

By Lottie

Moppy is proud

Moppy was at home cleaning the floor then David came into the room. They went upstairs and David said, “You did a great job.” Moppy turned grey. Moppy was proud. Mum said come for lunch and Moppy went green again.

By Harrison

One day Moppy was asleep. He wanted to go ice skating in the garden. David said wake up. Ok said Moppy. I can rush down stairs. When he rushed down stairs his tooth fell out. He went to bed and he put his tooth under his pillow. He was excited that he changed colour to pink.

By Maddie