Schools Fantasy Football league up and running again!

Schools Fantasy Football League took a year off last season, but I am pleased to say it’s now back.

Mrs Driver has again kindly agreed I can invite pupils, parents and teachers to enter into this seasons Fantasy League.

This will be the fifth year the school has have taken part in the competition. Last time, 1,400 Schools from all over the U.K. took part and William Ransom finished 4th overall. The School actually finished 1st, of all the Primary Schools. And, Tom Tingles team finished 8th, of the 120,000 teams entered. What fantastic achievements.

What is School Fantasy League?

Since 1998, pupils across the country have become football managers by taking part in this web-based fantasy football league. You’ll need to put together a winning team selecting players from the premiership. Each player has a value and you’ll need to select carefully, spending no more than £110Million – a chance to use your maths skills.

Points are awarded for goals scored, assists, clean sheets etc. etc. All this is updated regularly on the SFL web-site, to which you will have an individual password. Each school has their own league table, so you will be able to compare how well you are doing against your friends, parents and teachers.

For full information about SFL and rules of the league, please visit their website at

Who can take part?

Pupils, parents, teachers and governors of William Ransom (and brothers/sisters who are ex-pupils of WR)

When does it start?

VERY IMPORTANT – points scoring starts on Saturday 19 October and finishes with the last premiership game in May. So you must have registered and selected your team by 12.30pm on Saturday 19 October.

How much does it cost?

It’s free!

How do I register?

Go to the William Ransom school website at

Select “News” and “Latest” and you will find exact information on how to register.

Who do I contact if I have a problem?

To take part and create our own league table we have registered the school. However, all queries must be directed to myself and not the School. You can contact me on

Good Luck.

Ian Hankin

William Ransom SFL Chairman