Science week in Oak class

Science week in Oak class has been exhausting but great fun! Monday morning saw the class attend a forensic workshop. This was a challenge for some children who could not stop themselves from touching all of the objects with their hands and contaminating the crime scene. Keeping all of the evidence within the crime scene was also a challenge but everyone came to the same conclusions on the culprit using the available evidence.

Following on from the fingerprint identification we read ‘ ‘The Detective Dog’ by Julia Donaldson and took our own fingerprints. We looked at them under a magnifying app on the I-pads. We made different characters using our finger prints for their body which was fun.

In the afternoon Oak class went on a ‘journey through nature’. Like the Australian Aboriginals, the children stuck objects onto their sticks to remind them of things they had seen on their walk.

Throughout the week we concentrated on the theme of journeys. The journey of an egg, from egg to hen. The journey of Jack climbing the beanstalk. The journey of some of our food from its source, to the table. Most children had forgotten that bread starts off as wheat which we learnt in the autumn term with Little Red Hen and our bread making. We watched ‘Come Outside’ to remind ourselves of the journey from wheat to loaf. During our Big Write lesson the children wrote the story of the journey of a red kite having watched first a silent animation.

Our maths this week has been listening to word problems and solving them using our addition and subtraction skills. This is an activity to practise at home. We also looked at time. This included the days of the week, the months and seasons. We read ‘What’s the time Mr Wolf?’ and set our clocks to o’clock times to match Mr. Wolf’s exploits.

   Next week we are returning to our topic of houses and starting to think of our class assembly which is just over a week away!