Singing Workshop for Willow Class

On Monday, Willow Class was welcomed by Princess Helena College for a singing workshop with Rufus Frowde (one of PHC's music teachers).  We were joined by four other primary schools from the local area. 

The day began with a warm up for our bodies and faces as well as our voices before exploring a wide range of songs.  Before lunch the children managed to learn six different songs!  It was incredibly impressive how they were able to absorb such a huge amount in such a short period of time.  

After lunch, all the children were led to the stage to put in some final song and performance practise before the parents joined us for the final concert.  This time the children were aided by a professional accompaniment of piano, electric bass and drums.  It was fantastic to hear the children sing and perform together and to show what they had learned thoughout the day.  They certainly did William Ransom proud!

I wonder how many children have been humming the tunes at home…