Willow Home Learning w.c 13.7.20

Well, here we are in our final week of home-learning. It has officially been the strangest term ever and one that we are in no hurry to repeat! We keep saying it, but we are incredibly proud of you all. You have coped so well during this extremely challenging time; your emails and pictures have … Read more

Willow Home Learning w/c 6th July

Hello Willow Class! Can you believe that we are now into our final two weeks of home-learning? Thank you all for being motivated and working so hard at home (which we know can be tricky at times!). Below are this week’s suggestions for home-learning. Year 5s, please leave the tasks highlighted in purple to do … Read more

Willow Home Learning w/c 29 June

Hello Willow Class! It has been lovely to see so many of you on our Yr4 Zoom call and our Yr5s in school too. Thank you also for all your photos and videos this week. Here’s Anna’s Pinata in slo-mo action! Those chocolates look very tasty…. English This week, we will explore ‘Henry’s Freedom Box‘, … Read more

Willow Home Learning – Summer 2 week 3

Hello Willow Class! Please find below suggested tasks and activities for w/c 15.6.20. English Spellings: author, daughter, autumn, naughty, applaud, slaughter, cause, caught, astronaut, haughty Have a look at the spellings for this week. Do you notice any patterns with the words? Did you notice that each word has the letter string ‘augh’ or ‘au’ … Read more

Willow Home Learning – Summer Week 6

Can you believe that we’re at the start of another half-term of home-learning?  Hopefully, you’ve all had a relaxing break and managed to make the most of the amazing sunshine and fresh air; lots of BBQs and bike rides perhaps?  We’re certainly missing being with Willow Class in school but we are so pleased and … Read more

Happy Half Term to Willow Class

Can you believe you’ve been home-schooling now for over half a term? The time certainly does fly. We receive lots of your classwork via e-mails and Twitter and are so proud of the work you are still doing and the effort you are putting in (this is a shout out to both children and parents!). … Read more

Willow Home Learning – Summer week 5

Please find below some suggested home learning tasks for w/c 18.5.20.  Spelling Revision: Have a look at the spellings from previous weeks (listed below) and make a list of words that you found tricky to remember how to spell.  Spellings:  recent, remember, separate, special, strength, suppose, though, thought, various, women, material, minute, naughty, occasion, opposite, … Read more

Willow Class- Home Learning Week 4

Please find below some suggested home learning tasks for w/c 11.5.20. Please don’t feel that you need to print everything out. Most (if not all) of the activities can be completed in exercise books (no need to copy out questions – just write down the answers). Spelling Summer Week 4 spellings are more common exception … Read more