SPA AGM Newsletter

On Monday 4th February 2013 the William Ransom School and Parents Association (SPA) will be holding their Annual General Meeting. Unlike previous years this will not be a large social function but a means to hold a meeting in order to make a change to the constitution.

Currently the SPA year runs from February to the following January, which does not equate to any other area of school life. It would make much more sense for the year to run from September to August when terms of office coincide with the school year.

This change needs to be agreed by all members attending the AGM.

Therefore the meeting on 4th February will be at 7.30 in the school hall and is open to all members of the SPA. As a reminder this is what the constitution says about membership of the SPA

The following are automatically members of the Association

-parents and guardians of children attending the School

-all members of teaching staff, support staff and governors and their partners

The membership of all persons shall cease upon their ceasing to be eligible for membership

The AGM is also the time for us to elect new members to the SPA and to elect any new officers. You will be receiving an invitation to the AGM from the SPA along with the agenda, last year’s AGM minutes and nomination forms.

If you are interested in getting involved in the work of the SPA please feel free to talk to any current committee members or to come and talk to me.

If the proposal to change the year dates for the SPA is agreed, we will hold another AGM early in the new school year (Autumn 2013) which will coincide with a social event.

I look forward to seeing you on 4th February.

Yours sincerely

Mrs M Driver