Memory Boxes!

For the final session of Art and Craft club the children made Memory Boxes. Everyone brought in a shoebox which was then covered in brightly coloured paper. The children then personalised the boxes using ribbon, glitter (lots of glitter!), sequins, felt tips and patterned paper. The end result was very effective!


The third group have been making personalised flags in Arts and Craft this week. The children had a lot of fun deciding what pictures to include on their flags. We had everything from One Direction to a parrot! They took a lot of care with their drawing and colouring in.

Memory Boxes

Their final task was to make a Memory Box. They used old shoeboxes which we covered with brightly coloured paper and then an assorment of beads, ribbons, glitter, stickers and paint to decorate. The children worked really hard on them and should be very proud of the end results!

Personal Flags!

The second group of children have been making their own flags. They were given some sugar paper and art straws to create a flag to represent themselves. The children included their favourite animals, food, music and films. And of course they chose their favourite colours to colour in with!