The Garden House Hospice Project

Year 5 children have just completed their three week project at the Hawthorne Centre at the Garden House Hospice in Letchworth.

“It was really fun. I really liked the tour and the quiz. Andre was funny.” Theo

“I liked meeting my patient and I also liked exploring the hospice and I liked the cakes!” Nathan

“I liked seeing the hospice and how it helps people with difficult conditions and illnesses.” Phoebe

“If I had to rate it out of ten, I would give it a twenty! I really enjoyed absolutely everything. I loved what they taught us. I loved learning about people’s medical conditions and how the hospice helps them. It’s such a great place and what they do there is just great for everybody.” Seren

“I liked meeting my patients. They were called Calvin and Vince. I loved the cake too!” Luca

The children had a tour of the hospice, met lots of patients and staff, learned all about the amazing work the hospice does for the people in our community and took part in quizzes, games and craft activities. The work covered links beautifully with the National Curriculum in areas such as PSHE and citizenship. Children learned about:

Health and wellbeing

•about change, including transitions (between Key Stages and schools), loss, separation, divorce and bereavement

•that bacteria and viruses can affect health and that following simple routines can reduce their spread

Living in the wider world

•what being part of a community means, and about the varied institutions that support communities locally and nationally

•to recognise the role of voluntary, community and pressure groups, especially in relation to health and wellbeing

Citizenship: Preparing to play an active role as citizens

•to reflect on spiritual, moral, social, and cultural issues, using imagination to understand other people’s experiences;

•to recognise the role of voluntary, community and pressure groups;

Developing a healthy, safer lifestyle.

•developing good relationships and respecting the differences between people.

•where individuals, families and groups can get help and support.

We are keen to participate earlier in the year next time so that the learning and experiences can be shared with the whole year group. We had a wonderful time and are very grateful to the hospice staff and patients for making us all feel so welcome again this year.