We need your help!!

We have owned the Swingboats and Roundabouts that get put up at the Summer Fete for a number of years and we would like to have a proper safety check done on them before the fete this year.

We have arranged to have them inspected on Saturday 20th April but this means we need to put them all together, just like we do for the fete.

Are you strong? Can you help us?

We intend to start at about 8.00am and expect it to take about 3 hours – bacon sandwiches will be provided for sustenance! Then, once they have been checked, we need to take them down again!

Are you available? Can you spare us at least some time on 20th April?

Duncan Carter (SPA member) and Nigel Burrows (Site Manager) are hoping to put together a team of willing volunteers so please contact them or the school office to offer your services