Welcome to our teddies and a week of bears!

The children welcomed their teddy bears into school on Monday as we embarked on a day of ‘bear centred’ activity. The teddy bears were measured to find out which one was the tallest and who had the smallest. Anna’s teddy was a centimetre taller than Georgie’s, Joseph’s ‘Little Bear’ being the shortest.

When we measured the waists of our teddy using the ‘links’ we were not surprised to find out that the tallest teddies were the fattest.

Looking at our graph of teddy colours we found out that there were more brown teddies than any other colour and we had nine different colours.

The written descriptions and the paintings after drawing round the bears gave the children the opportunity to study their bear in a bit more detail and record their work.

Unfortunately Mrs. Wagstaffe has been off ill this week and we have been unable to get out bird watching. Hopefully we will fit it in before half term.

A few children chose to make a finger puppet with the felt, cutting a paper pattern for the body and arms, ears and a snout from the felt. Cutting the felt was a challenge

We all enjoyed watching Michael Rosen read the story of ‘The Bear Hunt’ and used his suggestions for the actions. This can be seen on https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0gyI6ykDwds&safe=active

In maths we have been practising counting on with a number line. The children practised using a teddy to start on a given number and make a given number of jumps, colouring the square on which they landed. Several children are finding this difficult. Playing board games such as Snakes and Ladders will help. A copy of this can be down loaded from Sparklebox if you don’t own the game. We will be making track games soon so that the children get better at counting on which will be used a lot in their maths next term.

Next week we move on to learning about ‘old toys’. Parents, please see what you can find from your childhood. Your old toys, books or games or photographs of you playing with your toys when you were a child would be greatly appreciated on Tuesday for Show and tell. All toys that are ‘really’ old will be treated with great respect and kept at a safe distance from the children and handled under close adult supervision. We would like to keep the old toys in school for our toy museum but the children will not be allowed to play with them, we are following true museum procedure!

Our visit to Stevenage museum is to look at and handle old toys. Please read the letter that will be sent home on Monday so that your child has what is required.

Have a good weekend and don’t forget that our school ‘Talk Topic’ this week is ‘Choose your favourite traditional tale and how would you change the ending? A bit of family storytelling, a great thing to do on a cold afternoon!