Well, there’s no going back now!

Today was the day I thought I would never see – the mobile classrooms were demolished!

A large crane arrived on site just before lunchtime and in no time at all they were busy demolishing the mobile classrooms! It seemed quite slow at first as they had problems getting water to the site to reduce the dust but before long the crane was busy demolishing the whole site and the mobiles we had been looking at for over 20 years were disappearing before our eyes!

The site was meticulously controlled but there were some great view points and many classes came out to watch for a short while.

There really is no going back now and plans are continuing for the building of our 10 room block which will take the place of the mobiles.  The next stage is to clear the site and to start on the ground works ready for the new modular building.

Follow what is happening on our live feed!