Well, what strange times we are living through!

I am writing this newsletter as if we are breaking up for the Easter holidays although I know in reality it could be a lot longer than this, but so much is unknown!

As I have said to many of you at the school gate this week, I have got up and come to work here for 37 years, following the same route and parking in the same car park! Now I feel that my ‘security blanket’ has been pulled from under me and it is a very strange feeling.

However, if we all follow the government advice and Public Health England’s instructions, we will get through this and come out the other side.

The children have been amazing this week, they know something is going on and it is not ‘normal’ but they have continued to work hard and have produced some lovely work.

The teachers have all been wonderful; putting together home-learning packs with very little notice and keeping the children calm and focussed in the midst of it all. They have also provided me with the most tremendous support.

Everyone who works in school has ‘done their bit’. They have helped me make the necessary plans and offered their own time to make the next few weeks manageable.

The emails of support from parents have been extremely touching and have brought tears to my eyes. Knowing how much you appreciate what we are all doing is wonderful and proves just what a great place William Ransom is.

I will be doing a mixture of working in school and at home; there are core functions which have to be done, but I will always be at the end of an email if any of you need anything – sorry I haven’t got any toilet rolls!

I will be using Twitter for any news and will be happy to retweet any news from you, and I will put updates on the website.

Please stay safe and follow all the advice we are given. Self-isolation doesn’t need to be social isolation in this day and age. Work with your children, they will respond much better if you give them a routine! If you need any help with setting a timetable, tell them I have sent it and they just might keep to it!

I hope you all stay well and I look forward to seeing you soon!