What a lot we have done!

We are almost half way through the first half term. The children in the reception class have had another busy week.

In maths we have been learning to describe position using correct terminology and to following positional vocabulary to place ourselves and equipment. Number recognition and writing the numerals has been an area which the children have been working on.

In our artwork this week we looked at Mondrain who used the Primary Colours in his artwork. The children painted in the Primary Colours and used wax crayons to colour a Mondrain design . This lesson was a great test of listening skills and ability to hold the brush correctly and use paint. Next week the children will learn how to make the ‘secondary colours’.

In IT the older children have been learning how to use the cameras. Getting the subject in the centre of the screen and holding the camera still was a challenge! The younger children have been practising their logging on names. Please find some time to practise over the weekend as the older children have really started to grasp this and will be moving on to exploring some of the games and phonic activities on the school system.

The reception children were involved in the festival of languages day today. They practised saying hello in India, Turkey, Mexico and Italy, made their ‘hello’ hats and tasted breads from these countries. Miss Hall got them using some German to greet one another, sing Heads Shoulders, Knees and Toes, count and they watched a German cartoon. In the afternoon they learnt a bit of Spanish and made the flag and ended the day with learning a Mexican dance.

Phonics has moved forward with s,a,t,i,p,n,d and m covered in class. We have revised the sounds every day and practised putting the sounds together to make words to read. Those children who do not yet have a reading book, have a ‘lotto’ game to practise reading the words by blending the sounds and matching to the base boards. Keep this at home. We will also be adding to the sight vocabulary (blue words) over the next couple of weeks.

Don’t forget to send in fruit or vegetables on Wednesday morning for the harvest assembly and purchase some raffle tickets.

Show and Tell will be on a Wednesday due to a change in teaching assistant allocation and all children need to bring in something that is ‘special’ and be able to explain why. A photo may be more appropriate than the actual ‘thing’ or person!

The children are very tired so lots of sleep and positive support with their homework is required. Have an enjoyable weekend and we look forward to seeing you all bright and early on Monday morning!