William Ransom Choir perform at The Royal Albert Hall

On Sunday 16th March a group of year 5’s and 6’s went to a gala at the Royal Albert Hall.

We arrived at school at 7:45am and set off to London on a coach. When we arrived lots of schools were at the Royal Albert Hall in the t-shirts we had been provided with. There was a real buzz in the air as all the children entered the Albert Hall.

We were shown to our rooms where we left our belongings before going for a rehearsal in the auditorium. We rehearsed all the songs we had learnt with all the other schools. The sound was amazing and all the choirs sounded great together. We sang ‘Oh Fortuna’, ‘Gitika’, ‘Down by the Riverside’, ‘We Will Remember Them’, and ‘Viva la Vida’. After the rehearsal we had our lunch before returning to the auditorium for the real thing.

The auditorium was packed with parents and everyone was really excited. When the orchestra started playing, everyone turned on their torches, which we had been given beforehand, and waved in the air. It looked very effective. After the opening we sang alongside some fabulous dancers and the wonderful orchestra.

We all really enjoyed our trip to the Albert Hall.

By Rebecca

On Sunday 16th of March a group of year 5s and 6s from the school choir visited the Royal Albert Hall to sing some songs that we’d been practising beforehand. We were singing with various other schools from Hertfordshire. Some of the songs we sang included: Viva La Vida, We will remember Them, Gitika, down by the Riverside, O Fortuna and the Viva la Vida reprise at the end.

We were even given our own dressing room to get ready and eat our packed lunches in! There were children from other schools in there too who were singing Viva la Vida in preparation for the big moment.

We entered the main room in the hall firstly to rehearse and secondly to perform infront of huge crowds supporting the choirs which was extremely nerve racking. When we first came into the main room we all instantly gasped in amazement at the sheer size of the room and the attention to detail that must have been paid to creating such a grand building.

In rehearsal we simply sang all of the songs we were to perform and when we did it went extremely well and sounded even better than before.

It was an amazing experience we are sure to never forget.

By Alex