William Ransom netball teams away at Our Lady

Both of the William Ransom netball teams were over at Our Lady this week. Conditions  for play were difficult with a freezing cold wind blowing across the court and bright sunlight obscuring vision.

The girls played four quarters of four minutes, rotating positions at the end of each quarter. The A-team game was really tough as the Our Lady girls were extremely fast as they moved the ball around the court. Their shooting was not as strong and William Ransom were winning 2-1 at the end of the first quarter. William Ransom scored one goal in the second quarter, in the third quarter both teams scored one goal, taking the score to  4-3 to William Ransom. In the fourth quarter nobody scored. It was a hard fought win for William Ransom A-team and a few things to work on in training in the next couple of weeks before the rally!

The B-team had a slightly easier match, however the girls worked hard to keep the ball moving and some excellent shooting and defending really helped. The first quarter saw William Ransom score two goals. Nobody scored in the second quarter as the girls rotated positions. The third quarter saw three goals from William Ransom and the first goal for Our Lady. The last quarter saw another goal from Our Lady to make the final score 5-2 to William Ransom.

Well done girls and keep practising the shooting as goals win games and all players will have to shoot in the tournament as you rotate through twelve halves. Thanks also to the parents who took the girls over to Our Lady and stayed to support.