William Ransom V Wilshere Dacre

On Thursday 18th October a group of 8 girls (the A-Team) played a netball match and beat Wilshere Dacre 13-1.

Madeline was goal shooter and Phoebe was goal attack. In those positions you can shoot and Phoebe and Madeline shot 13 goals altogether. There was a lot of perseverance as they did not always get it in but they tried and tried again. Everyone on the team played amazingly and did excellent passing, intercepting, catching and shooting.

Elodie thought it was a very exciting match! Yasmin said, " It was an interesting experience as I have never played in a netball match before!" Madeline said, "I loved being goal shooter as it is my favourite position and the game was intense until we scored our first goal." Phoebe said, "It was a great experience being captain of the A-Team!"

Miss Vivian and Miss Hallahan were very pleased with the result of the match and thought all members of the team worked well together, playing an excellent first game of netball!