Year 6 visit to Kingswood

Year 6 School Journey – by Faith and Rowan.

 Year 6 School Journey

Despite missing the opportunity of going to Wales like previous years, due to the coronavirus pandemic, we had to alter our plans – yet we still had a fabulous experience at Kingswood Norfolk.

Day 1

On the 28th of June 2021 all the Year 6s set off, squealing with excitement while waving goodbye to all the parents. After a three hour coach journey, we deposited our luggage in our accommodation and settled down in our dorms. We were introduced to our instructors: Matt, Marcus and Liam. All three of them were fun, exciting and made every activity even more entertaining.

After meeting our instructors, we spilt up into 3 groups and began our first activity. Group 1 started with laser tag; Group 2 enjoyed leap of faith and Group 3 got their hands dirty making buggies and racing them round a track. Everyone had a great time.

Afterwards, everyone entered the cafeteria and we all had dinner, closely followed by The Mini Olympics! This final activity exhausted us all before we went to sleep.

Day 2

We all woke bright and early at 7am and had a tasty breakfast; we proceeded to our first activity at 9am. Both group 1 and 3 worked together making fires closely followed by shelter building. Meanwhile, Group 2 were make shelters and then attempting to make fires as well.

After tiring ourselves with our first activities we had lunch and moved on to more activities, such as: Nightline (which was exciting; walking through woods trusting the person in front of you to guide you to safety), Aeroball – shooting hoops on a trampoline – Laser Tag , shooting teammates on the opposite team, and buggy building which final group enjoyed.

After a well needed dinner, we went on a beautiful night walk up a cliff and enjoyed the scenery before heading to bed.

Day 3

Fresh in the morning as usual, we finished breakfast and started our first activities which included: Jacob’s ladder (which was very difficult and quite high), Abseiling, Team Challenge – which required excellent communication and teamwork – and the Zip wire. After these fun activities we had lunch and carried on with more activities.

The activities were similar to the morning except for leap of faith (a challenge by choice activity) where everyone tried the best to get to the top before leaping and (hopefully) catching on the trapeze.

After another yummy dinner, we walked round the back field to enjoy a cosy campfire with several cups of hot chocolate. We also all had a great time singing songs and telling silly stories. Before we knew it, it was time for bed.

It was a very eventful day.

Day 4

Once again, everyone was up at 7am and we savoured a tasty breakfast before setting off to participate in various activities such as: Archery, Aeroball, Buggy Building, Team Challenge and Nightline as well.

We then headed off to the gift shop where we purchased souvenirs and a sneaky chocolate bar to enjoy at the beach.

After using all of our energy, we ate lunch and then enjoyed playing football on the beach and getting very wet and sandy in the sea. We were also lucky enough to see a few crabs and a jellyfish. Everyone had a great time in the sea, building sandcastles and playing beach games despite the wind and rain.

It was our last day at Kingswood well spent.

We were all shattered and quickly ate our dinner before making bottle rockets with Matt and Marcus. Surprisingly, soon after we had a water balloon fight and got a bit wet before sleeping in our dorms for the last time in Kingswood.

Day 5

We woke up, packed our luggage, showered, ate breakfast, and began with the remaining activities of our school journey: Team tech, laser tag, archery, leap of faith and finally we ate a packed lunch before our departure from Kingswood Norfolk.

We owe a great thank you to everyone that helped make this amazing journey possible. All the year 6s had a fabulous time and made loads of happy memories that will be treasured forever. We couldn’t ask for more. This once in a life time opportunity was such fun. Thank You!

By Faith and Rowan