Year One Visit Shuttleworth

What an interesting day we all had at The Shuttleworth Collection!

We started the day looking around the hangars at the huge collection of aeroplanes, which included a scale replica of the Wright Brothers record making plane, a de Havilland Comet and the original Bleriot XI from 1909. There was so much to see and lots of activities, including a timeline, matching camouflaged planes to their terrain and learning where we would fly over on a journey from Britain to Australia. Some of the children also enjoyed trying on the protective headgear and headphones. Luckily we had taken our passports with us, so we were able to go on an imaginary flight to Paris on a 1930s passenger jet – it took a long time as there were only 6 seats!

After lunch, we visited the shop and the workshop, where the aeroplanes are repaired, and we learned how wings help us to stay in the air. Once the rain had stopped we were able to go for a bumpy ride on an old bus around the Shuttleworth grounds. What a fun-packed day!