A Busy Half Term in Holly

The children have been learning to use their sketchbooks to practise and develop ideas. At the end of the series of lessons the children had created their own bird sculpture using all their own ideas.

As part of Geography this term, we completed a traffic survey – counting how many cars, lorries, bikes etc. drove past us on Wymondley Road. In 20 minutes we saw an incredible 43 cars, 9 vans, 5 lorries, 1 motorcycle and 3 bicycles!

As part of their science learning, the children used their identifying skills to see how many different wild flowers they could find on our field, noting the leaf shape, flower colour and where they found them.

We developed lots of skills useful when preparing food including: chopping, squeezing, grating and peeling. The children then designed their own healthy kebab, made them and enjoyed eating them!

We also went to see the new History timeline in the Year 5 and 6 corridor. The children spotted some people we have learnt about in Year One – Christopher Columbus, Amy Johnson and The Wright Brothers.