Art Club

Based on the art of David Hockney children in Year 2 art club have been creating their own swimming pools … complete with swimmers! When David Hockney arrived in Los Angeles in 1963 he fell in love with the city and it’s swimming pools. We hope you fall in love with our art work!

Animated Drawings in Year 3

During the first half of the Summer term children in Year 3 have been exploring animated drawings in art. The children were introduced to the idea that animations can be made by sequencing drawings. They gathered ideas in their sketchbooks by looking at the work of other artists and animators and after they had done … Read more

Rousseau tigers

As part of our Art unit in Year 2, we have been looking at the work of the artist Henri Rousseau. As part of this work, we looked at how we can draw a tiger in his style while also designing a background of our own choice and style. The children first sketched their background … Read more

Carbon Printing Golden Fish!

As part of our printing work this term Maple class have created these amazing paintings based on The Goldfish by Paul Klee. Children used carbon paper to print fish. Throughout the activity children used their sketchbooks to experiment and explore the skills needed to create their piece of art. They loved lifting the carbon paper … Read more

Year 5 Still Life Drawing

Our current Art topic is Objects and their Meaning, where we have been looking at a variety of different artists’ compositions, and discussing the objects they have used, and what they might mean. We have also spent time thinking about our own personal opinions of these pieces of art, which has led on to today’s … Read more

Art In Our Community

Following a meeting with Tom Hardy, the Bid Manager at the Hitchin Bid Team, we asked what we could do as a large Hitchin school to support the town and our local community. As a result of this meeting we were tasked with filling the windows of the old M&Co shop in the heart of … Read more

Sketchbook Wednesday in Maple

Wednesdays in Maple Class are Sketchbook Wednesdays: this means that we start off the day with ten minutes of drawing in our sketchbooks. We listen to peaceful music and have a lovely calm start to our day. Today, the children were given a copy of Child with a Dove by Picasso and instructed to try … Read more

Art Workshops

During the summer term all of the children had the opportunity to take part in workshops creating art with a Hitchin based artist Tilly Wonham. The theme was animals, the skill was printing and the end result was a range of bright and colourful art work that was displayed proudly throughout the school!