Building expansion time lapse video

Did it really only take 2 minutes 30 seconds to build the new school block?

I know a number of children and parents enjoyed watching the live pictures from the web cam which were played on the school website for the duration of the building work.

Those live pictures have now been turned into a time-lapse video.  Nine months of building work in 2 minutes 30 seconds – if only it had been that easy!

Our thanks to Sam Hankin for not only setting up the live web cam but also for putting together this time lapse video.  (It does have musical accompaniment).

Watch out for the School Summer fete gazebos making an appearance (1 min 13 secs) quickly followed by the first of the modular build being lifted in. 

I am sure you will enjoy watching it and hope, like me, you think it really is an excellent keepsake for the school. 

Ian Hankin

Chair of Governors