Cross Country Competition

Despite early rain prior to the competition and heavy cloud threatening another downpour, the teams walked and jogged the course as a warm up and were given instructions about how the race was to finish.

The course was very muddy but this did not deter any of the teams and spirits were high as the first race lined up to compete. Year five girls were the first to run with Catherine setting an amazing pace which she managed to sustain for the half mile run giving her a clear victory and a gold medal. Oryana kept up with the leading group and achieved 12th place, with Ilyssa finishing 29th and Georgia 31st a good start to the afternoon.

Year five boys were the next to run and this was a fiercely competitive race with all schools jostling to be at the front to start. The William Ransom boys did not have a good start but Oliver managed to keep up with the leading group throughout most of the half mile coming 15th, Ben 25th, Tyler 28th and Edward 44th.

The year six teams had to run a mile which was twice round the field with a challenging uphill stretch half way round each time. Bluebell led the group for the first half mile but tired slightly, however she managed a really good 8th position, with Annabel 26th, Madeleine 33rd and Rhea 35th.

The year six boys were all fired up and ready to go and once again a very fast start with Kieran forging ahead and Charlie close behind. Both boys kept up with the leading group despite Charlie suffering from an ankle strain sustained in lacrosse last week. Both boys gritted their teeth and managed a fantastic finish with Charlie in 2nd place and Kieran in 5th. Leighton ran a good race finishing 20th and Taylor 42nd finished with a huge grin on his face! Overall William Ransom year six boys got third place.

Well done to all who competed for your performance and the way you encouraged one another. Thank you to all parents who gave lifts to the children and stayed to cheer them on.