Eye of the Wolf

The Cheetah’s Story – By Kieran

I was born and grew up in Africa near an old shepherd. For years I’ve been hunting for his goats. I’m very good at catching. One day when I was creeping up to the flock pretending to be a snake when this boy called Africa (the King of Goats’ young shepherd) noticed me.

I was astonished that he had noticed. No one ever hears me! He told me that I had two fleas arguing on my shoulder. I was slightly embarrassed.

One night when Africa was telling a story I heard something. When I got to the sound I was shocked! The Abyssinian Dove had gone!

I could see the poachers ahead walking away with the Dove. I followed them. As I caught up I saw them lay meat on the ground. I knew it was a trap but I could not let the Abyssinian Dove go. I took the option. I ate the meat!

I travelled on boats and Lorries. I had night after night in a cage. The driver gave me meat every day but I didn’t see much light.

Finally, sometime later I did see light. As the door opened I found I was bought by a zoo. The zookeeper me out of the lorry and released me into an empty cage. Although it was empty I could still see the beautiful Dove.

Day after day I stared at the Dove. She was beautiful. Next door to me was a Dromedary. He didn’t take a single step. I wondered why he was not moving.

Next door to me was a Hyena that was the one who was guarding the dove. She must have been caught by the poachers as well.

The zookeepers mostly meat, nothing else really. One day a boy came into the zoo, he seemed to know the Dromedary. As the boy noticed it started to move. I wonder what had happened.

Just then I realised the boy was the shepherd. My friend! After that he started to talk to a Gorilla, a few cages down. The shepherd must have known him as well.