Festival of Languages

Class 1R had a wonderful day at the Festival of Languages.  They visited Mexico, China, Cyprus and Denmark.  As well as learning some new languages, they were able to try new food and find out lots of interesting things about the countries they visited.

In Mexico, Class 1R learnt a dance called 'The Mexican Hat Dance'.   They loved performing this in the Assembly!  They also played a Mexican game of bingo to help them learn some new words.  They then flew to China and found out that it is the third biggest country in the world!  They also got to try some delicious prawn crackers.  In Cyprus, Class 1R learnt some Greek words.  They also tried houmous, tsatsiki, olives and halloumi.  Finally, they flew to Denmark and had a go at learning the Danish alphabet.  They found out there are 3 extra letters in this alphabet.  It was a fantastic day and Class 1R would like to thank all the parents who came in to talk to them!