Sing! Sing! Sing! When you’re happy…

Last week Class 4/5 took part in a singing workshop at Princess Helena College under the direction of their Head of Music, Rufus Frowde. They spent the morning learning six different songs and then performed them in the afternoon for their parents.

Full of enthusiasm, we were the first school to arrive and so managed to get seats at the front for the morning workshop. The session began with a warm up where they had to prepare their bodies as well as their voices which meant making some silly noises along with massaging their faces. Some of the songs were sung in a round, while others were sung as whole group.

After a short break it was back to practising more of the songs. Then, once lunch was over the children were positioned on the stage to run through the set list a couple of more times in order to get ready for the afternoon performance. This time they were accompanied by a piano, guitar and drums.

They put on a fantastic show for the parents and did the school proud as they took up the front positions on the stage.