Greeting from Wales

It is frightening how quickly time passes and here we are, once again, in Snowdonia. We had a wonderfully uneventful journey; no-one even mentioned feeling slightly off colour!

We spent a couple of hours at Blists Hill over lunchtime and for the first time ever went up the incline lift to look down onto the reconstructed Victorian village. The weather was lovely so we had time to enjoy the museum in the sunshine.

We arrived at The Plas at 5.00pm and it was so lovely to be greeted by friends. We have the whole place to ourselves this year and this means we can spread out and set up the library as a proper study area!

Once we had shown everyone to their rooms and had time to unpack we met down in the library before going into dinner. During the meal Mr Williams, our guide for the week, joined us and introduced himself to the children. After dinner he told us all the history the of the Plas and the story of the Oakley family, a story I never tire of hearing, even after 15 years!

 After a bedtime drink and a story about how Snowdon was built in a day, everyone made their way to bed and as I write this (at 11.45 pm) the children have all been asleep for a couple of hours and all is quiet!

Tomorrow we head out onto the mountains so let’s hope everyone sleeps well!