Latest Tales from Wales

Today was amazing and many of the children achieved something they never dreamed possible!

We were focussing on ‘changes’ and mainly the changing landscape and our walk up over Cnicht mountain was spectacular for this. We used the minibuses from the Plas to take us to the foot of the mountain and we started our walk at the deserted village school. It closed about 5 years ago with only 3 pupils and is in stark contrast to our expanding school.

From here we headed up the valley, and it was certainly ‘up!’ It was a steep hill climb at first, changing to an undulating slate path and ending with a rocky climb, something very new for some of the children. Some children were setting a fast pace whilst others were much more sedate – guess who! We had regular rest breaks and Mr Williams talked to us about the changing landscape. We heard a cuckoo as we climbed and the sheep were all around.

Ahead we could see the deserted rail track where we were to have lunch and that distant goal got gradually closer. It was at this point last year I slipped gracefully into the river but I am glad to say I remained on my feet this year and we all made it successfully to the top.

After lunch, sitting on the ridge, we explored the deserted mining village of Rhosydd before descending the other side of the mountain. In many ways it was harder going down and the children were eager to run but the slate was slippy so we took our time, but we were in plenty of time to catch the Ffestiniog Railway back to Tan y Bwlch. After a stop by the lake to do some painting, we walked back through the woods to The Plas.

Today was quite an achievement for all of the children. We walked about 8 miles over some quite tough terrain. When they were asked tonight, ‘What was the best thing about today? ‘ the best answer was, ‘ it was great to do something just a little bit dangerous!’

Don’t worry! It wasn’t dangerous in the least, but it definitely took children out of their comfort zone!

I can’t believe tomorrow is our last full day! This week is flying by!

Sorry for the lack of tweets today – there is no signal up the mountain and I have had to wait until after midnight for an internet connection!