More Tales from Wales!

Goodness me, what a day we have had!

The day dawned slightly better than other mornings which meant we were set fair for our walk up over the mountain.

We set off in mini buses for the tiny hamlet of Croessor where our walk was to start. It is a tiny village and we were all fascinated by the deserted school which closed as it only had 6 pupils! Mmmm! That’s a very different world from ours!! The focus for our day was ‘Change’. We looked at changing fortunes of the village, changing landscapes and we certainly experienced changes in temperature!

It was a long, steep climb up across fields and through running water! I tested the temperature of the water by slipping gracefully into it! And from then on was guarded safely by Sam U, Rosie and Namay who ensured I made it to the top in one piece!!

Up on the top the views were spectacular and there was a real sense of achievement that we had all made it to the top! However, it was cold and many of us resorted to extra layers and gloves! We had lunch in a deserted slate village and then climbed all the way down to Tanygrisiau Station.

Here we caught the Ffestiniog Railway back to Tan-y-Bwlch Station. We had a lovely walk down to a lake where we sat and painted. By now the temperature had increased greatly and it was glorious sitting in the sun before we walked back to the Plas through the woods.

It has been a wonderful day and tonight, at bedtime, when I asked the pupils what they had learned about themselves today, many commented on the fact they had achieved things they never thought they would, and many felt they would have given up at home, but today they persevered and made it up the mountain!

We have 38 very tired, but very happy pupils, sleeping very well after an exhausting day!

And 5 equally happy staff, equally exhausted, but satisfied that they, too, made it up the mountain!