School Journey 2013 – Wednesday’s Blog

Melissa Starts Us Off

We walked up VERY steep hills today. Sharing the fields with sheep and getting covered in mud is not my ideal holiday but I can say I thoroughly say I enjoyed it today! The views were amazing especially the ones were we ate lunch. The sky wasn’t just filled with clouds and birds but also Red Arrows. We had a private display, it was very loud though as we were right underneath them.

We also saw a two rather old Slate Quarries. All of us got to look around a deserted village, once filled with miners. The second quarry we got to search for the perfect bit of slate to carve and shape. I thought mine looked a bit like a big mountain and a little mountain next to it, so I carved a path and a few lakes on it. I was rather pleased with it.

On the way back we went on a steam train! It is one experience I will never forget. I had a great day today and can’t wait for Harlech tomorrow.

Next We Have Simon’s Thoughts

A small group (including me) waited for the mini bus to come for us to go to a valley next to a village. The village started with sixty people and grew to two-hundred and sixty. Then everyone in the village had children so they moved away and that rounded it down to about four families.

Next we had a long walk up, down through the valley and around the mountainous landscape. We saw a lot of slate as there was a slate mine and the path we walked on was where miners walked to work.

William’s Words!

Today we walked all the way up valley and went up a mountain we went up straight until we were quite high and then we walked along the side until we got to the end, when we got there we curved the end and went up the side of the valley and sat on the top of the mountain. On the mountain we ate our lunch that we had packed earlier that day, and we were given an amazing show by two of the red arrows that flew right down the valley and went straight down the valley right above our heads! When we were finished we walked down the back of the mountain and past an old farm house that had a very interesting story behind it. We walked through town and got on a steam train that would take us to Mr Oakley’s private station.

Shaan Finishes Us Off For Today

Today we were in Moelwyn Mawr and were walking up right to the top. Afterwards we went to the quarry where William Oakley where great amounts of slate were kept where his workers used to work.

First we took the journey to the mountain and then got ready. The first part was quite hard as it was very steep but some parts were easier and some were harder as we went higher up the mountain. There were rocky parts, muddy parts but some flat parts but we eventually got to the top to have a well deserved lunch. As we started walking back we stopped at the slate quarry, had a look around and also took some slate and started crafting it. After that, we took the train home and it was an enjoyable day.