Spiders our topic for this week and thankfully, not a live spider in sight!

The reception children already knew a lot about our eight legged friends but through non-fiction books, e-books and websites lots of new interesting information has been learnt. We also looked at stories and rhymes about spiders. Our ‘exciting’ Friday writing was a story about a spider and once again there was a dramatic increase in the use of ‘Wow Words’ and writing in proper sentences. We need to encourage the children to think beyond the realm of their own experiences of playing, eating and going to bed to make their stories more exciting!

The children learnt about how a spider builds its web and made some of their own pictures. They also learnt about ‘bug hunting’ on Espresso and examined the habitat of the reception playground in their hunt for bugs brave enough to live anywhere near children playing! They found many different types. Next week we will look at what lives in the trees and on the school field.

Good news the chrysalis that we found a fortnight ago emerged just after the children went home. A house point for any child who can tell me what it is on Monday!

Maths this week was inspired by the story of Noah’s Ark and the children practised counting in two’s. This is an area within the 40-60 month developmental stages that is yet to be achieved by a few children within the group. Number bonds to ten was revisited and proved a challenge to some pupils. Look at the game I recommended a few weeks ago.


Next week with the start of the world cup we will be doing some work on football and finishing off our minibeast work with bug hunts.

We hope to see you all at the summer fete tomorrow, rain or shine!