The Final Welsh Blog!

Suddenly we have reached the end of another School Journey!

Just a quick update on our day’s events as it is late, the house is quiet, everyone is asleep and I should be too!

We woke this morning to bright sunshine which is exactly what was wanted for our day in Harlech! It was an exciting breakfast as it was Reeya’s birthday and so we had all her birthday celebrations over breakfast!

We set off for Harlech and arrived there by 10.30. It was lovely to see old friends at the Castle Gift Shop! When you turn up to places with 40 children wearing red hats people seem to remember you! And after 14 years of doing that we have made lots of friends along the way!

The Castle is very impressive standing on the hilltop above the town and the pupils put into practice all the skills they had learned at Caernarfon Castle. From here they had the last chance for ‘present buying’ and oh, how lucky some of you are going to be!!

We had lunch on the beach – always a great favourite and then we spent the afternoon playing on the beach. We built sand castles, drew pictures, had bubble relay races (!!) and danced in the sand-dunes! It was a normal William Ransom beach day!

The coach returned us to the Plas and we had our final climb up the hill in time for a lovely roast dinner! This evening we finished our work and did some filming before getting ready for bed and having a piece of birthday cake!

It has been a great week, lots of things to see and do! The pupils have all been an absolute pleasure to be with. We have had lots of comments on how beautifully behaved they are and how polite they are and whilst we are very proud of these comments, we must also thank you for trusting us with your children!

We are all looking forward to getting home tomorrow; we will try to keep you updated on twitter with arrival times! Please be there before us – there will be 45 anxious little faces on the coach looking for someone to be there to meet us!!