Class 4/5 step back in time

Class 4/5 spent the day at Knebworth House, learning all about the Tudors and their connections with the Lytton family.

The weather was beautiful, which made the walk down the tree lined path all the more interesting. Once on the house, the class created a human timeline taking in who the Tudor monarchs were, when they reigned and how the Lytton family were involved with them.

One half of the class remained in the hall to listen hear about Tudor instruments and try out some dancing while the listened to some Tudor music. They then made their way into the library to try their hand at writing in the style of a Tudor with a calligraphy pen. Whilst in here, they heard about who would go to school back then and what it was like for them as well how the ink was made.

In the meantime the other group were discussing armour and coats of arms on the grand staircase before going upstairs to see the designs on the ceiling. We are going to use the information we learned to design and make our own coats of arms next half term.

When they visited the bedroom where Elizabeth I was said to have stayed, they got to dress up as a wealthy Tudor. This was the final activity in the house before heading to the picnic tables for lunch.

The afternoon was spent in the gardens on a Tudor Treasure Trail, finding things in the maze, the wilderness, the walled garden and the herb garden. Through the questions that were set, and their discoveries, they were able to learn more things about the Tudors that they hadn’t known before.