Waste not, want not!

A couple of weeks ago class 4/5 had a messy day and a half creating their recycled fashion outfits and putting on a catwalk show. In the weeks leading up to these days they collected items that would ordinarily be recycled and reused them to make an ensemble that represented the looks they had chosen.

They then had a whole day to design and make their outfits before putting on a fashion show for the rest of the school. Some children worked individually, while others chose to work in pairs or groups but once their designs had been drawn it was time to start assembling their masterpieces attaching the materials with a variety of tape, string, staplers etc.

After a quick rehearsal and some photographs it was time to show off their creations that ranged from sporting outfits to their favouritre popstars. They had music to suit their different themes and all enjoyed the Gangnam style finale!